As defined by Article 2 of its by-laws, the IATJ is comprised of Courts, Tribunals or Administrative Bodies, Judges or retired Judges which or whom, irrespective of their official title (for instance Court, Tribunal, Justice, Judge, Adjudicator, Advocate-Generals, Tribunal Chair or Member, or the like) are or were nevertheless empowered to adjudicate, in disputes involving direct or indirect tax assessments.

Below is the list of current members:

Members List 2017  PDF Document

If you are interested in becoming a member of the IATJ, please submit the membership registration form below. This form may also be printed and sent by mail, e-mail or fax to:

c/o Mary Doran
Tax Court of Canada
200 Kent Street
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada  K1A 0M1

Phone: 613.992.2159
Fax: 613.996.5863


Membership registration is complete upon confirmation of payment of the membership fee.

Membership Registration Form HTML Form

Membership Registration Form PDF Document

Membership Registration Form Word Document

Payment Information:

By cheque/money order/Visa/Mastercard

Please print, fill out the form and send it together with your payment by cheque or money order to the order of the International Association of Tax Judges; please submit your Visa/Mastercard number, expiry date and three digit security code directly to Mary Doran.

Any questions regarding membership or the payment of membership fees should be directed to Ms. Mary Doran, Tax Court of Canada, 200 Kent Street, ON, Canada K1A 0M1 or at iatj.net@gmail.com

Membership in the IATJ is subject to Board approval.  Those memberships which the Board feels it cannot approve will be submitted to the general assembly.


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