Paris 2011

The 2nd Assembly in Paris on September 9 and 10, 2011 was a tremendous success. To review the agenda and available presentations made at the 1st Congress, please follow the links below:

IATJ Education Program Agenda    PDF

Adjudication of Tax Disputes in Nigeria - Prof. C.J. Amasike PDF

Alternative Dispute Resolution Rule 124 - Judge Peter Panuthos  PDF

Awarding of Costs - Judge Peter Panuthos  PDF

Claims for litigation and adminitrative costs -Judge Peter Panuthos  PDF

Mediation Order Sample - Judge Peter Panuthos  PDF

Australia Summary of how Tax Disputes are Handled - Justice R.F. Edmonds  PDF

Judicial Protection in Tax Matters in Germany - Dr. Ulrich Schallmoser  PDF

Legal Remedies in the German Tax System - Judge Bernhard Weinschutz  PDF

OECD Developments - Hans Pijl  PDF

Tax Court of Canada - Settlement conference session  PDF

Tax Havens in Brazilian Law - Alexandre Alkmim Teixeira  PDF

Transfer Pricing - The Hon. C. Michael Ryer  PDF

VAT Decisions - Judge Friederike Grube - Germany  PDF


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