Munich 2012

The IATJ 3rd Assembly was held in Munich, Germany on October 18 and 19, 2012 at the Gasteig München GmbH, München. 

Below you will find the presentations which were given by a number of the IATJ members:

Agenda - IATJ 3rd Assembly 

Interpretation of Tax Treaties - Brazil

Interpretation of Tax Treaties - Germany

Interpretation of TaxTreaties - Netherlands

GAAR - Canada

GAAR - Trinidad & Tobago

GAAR - European Court of Justice

Judicial Independance - Germany

Judicial Independence - Canada

Judicial Independence - France

Agency Permanent Establishment - General

Agency Permanent Establishment - Norway

Agency Permanent Establishment - Spain

Agency Permanent Establishment - Zimmer case

VAT - Interpretation of Art. 90

VAT - Germany

Article 3(2) - Mexico

Legal Bindingness




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