Amsterdam 2013

The IATJ's 4th Annual Assembly was held on August 30 and 31, 2013 in Amersterdam, The Netherlands.

Below you will find the Agenda, report on the Assembly and presentations which were given by a number of the IATJ members:

Agenda 4th Assembly  PDF icon

Report on Proceedings - 4th IATJ Assembly  PDF icon

TaxHaven_October_2013  PDF icon

Caselaw of Polish Administrative Courts  PDF icon

Cases on Structure of Tax Treaties - U.S. - P. Panuthos  PDF icon

Cases Where Treaty did not Apply - F. Pizzitelli  PDF icon

Diaporama Secrecy - E. Bokdam-Tognetti  PDF icon

Diaporama Secrecy - C. Endresen  PDF icon

Fraud - Civil Penalties  PDF icon

Fraud - Recent Compliance Inititiatives in Criminal Tax Prosecutions  PDF icon

Fraud - Tax Avoidance  PDF icon

Fraud Criminal Charges - Tax Controversies  PDF icon

Fraud Offshore Accounts  PDF icon

Fraud Tax Evasion and Avoidance - P. Panuthos  PDF icon

Legal Structure of Tax Treaties.- M. McIntyre  PDF icon

Secret Comparables in Transfer Pricing - V. Kothari  PDF icon

Tax Avoidance and Evasion in Canada - F. Pizzitelli J  PDF icon

Tax Treaty Override - A. Alkmim Teixeira  PDF icon

Treaty Override in India - P. Kumar  PDF icon

Treaty Override - Dividends Case M. Pelayo  PDF icon

Transfer Pricing - G. Rip  PDF icon


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